Putting an end to Plastic Pumpkins

Monday, September 17, 2012
Here's my latest project: Trick or Treat bags. Because I really dislike the plastic pumpkins. The plastic pumpkin pails that everyone has because some company spends all year making just plastic pumpkins to sell to people like me who spend an equally long time planning, preparing, and constructing an over the top Halloween costume only to accessorize it with that cheap plastic pumpkin that doesn't even match the costume. (Wow, that was a long sentence!)
So, I put together a cute alternative! One that you can fold up and keep until next year. (You can't fold up a plastic pumpkin. Trust me.) Even better, these bags can be made to match your child's costume! Cinderella really shouldn't carry around a plastic pumpkin or an old pillowcase to gather her treats. I'm thinking something ruffly and blue and glittery would be much more fitting for a princess.
Have a great...Fall is almost here...week!


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