Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
I'll admit it. I don't really like Halloween.  I don't like dressing up. I don't like pretending I'm something I'm not. I don't like talking to strangers. (As a kid, knocking on someone's door and saying "Trick or Treat" was difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. It helped that there was some immediate positive reinforcement.) Anyway, putting aside all of that, I really do love sewing Halloween costumes for my kids. And, even though those costumes aren't ready yet, here are two Halloween related items I just took down to the boutique.

I really like hand-dying the onesies. Such cute results! I kind of wish I had put a bat on both onesies, but really like when things are plain and simple too. I kept the skirt plain black so it can be used on other occasions. I can't help but be incredibly practical. (Thanks mom!) The flower on the skirt is removable too so it can be worn on the shirt, or on a headband, or, not at all if you're not into that sort of thing. (Yeah, I'm not really into that sort of thing, but I'm trying to please the people!)

I do love the felt bat and even my little sweeties now want orange shirts with bats. They loved it. I had no idea they liked those horrible creatures. I suppose they've never been stormed by a real bat before. That would surely cure them. (As I shudder. I think, if my memory serves me right, I've had that experience. If not, I've surely dreamed it because it feels real.)...

New Ideas

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Just a quick post. My shelves at the boutique are FULL! I'm talking packed with as many items as I can fill it without it all falling off. It's scary. Also scary is the fact that I can't wait to fill it up with Christmas items that for now are just ideas pouring in to my brain. So, for the next few weeks, so many items are being marked way down so I can make room for all the goodness to come. I can't wait!  Kristin

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