Tuesday, November 13, 2012
For the past few weeks, I've really enjoyed being super busy at my sewing machine. I actually had to oil it (for the first time ever...my machine works great for being almost 15 years old!). I should probably change the needle too. I had no idea you are supposed to change those things so often! (After every eight hours of sewing time! Yeah right!) Who knows, maybe the lady at the quilt store who told me that just wanted me to stock up on needles. Well, I didn't!
Sorry, rambling.
I've been busy sewing pillow covers. I learned, that it is as easy to sit down and sew one pillow cover as it is to sit down and sew ten pillow covers. Maybe I should have learned this a long time ago?!
Oh well, it has been fun!
I have several Christmas Countdowns available at Country Heart Crafts in Bountiful but had to make just one more after seeing a great idea somewhere on the internet. The scalloped edge circle is chalkboard vinyl so you can write how many more days 'til Christmas right there. I love the aqua and red together!

Have a great week!


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