Memory Game with Chalkboard Vinyl

Friday, August 23, 2013
I am excited to share this project with you! I was lucky enough to test out some vinyl from the Vinyl Outlet. This is where I get most of my vinyl and I love their customer service! They go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. They also have great prices!

I was sent some Chalkboard vinyl, Dry Erase vinyl, black vinyl, white vinyl, and plenty of transfer tape. The directions: Make something! Pretty simple, but I wanted to make something I hadn't seen hundreds of times in blogland. So, I was stuck. Have you noticed it's hard to have a totally original idea? This idea may have been done already, but if so, I haven't seen it, and that's good enough for me!

My little boy's best friend is heading off to kindergarten in a couple days, and I know he is going to want me to play with him more now that his sister is going to be gone in the mornings. (Yep, they're best friends, they just don't always act like it!) I knew this would be the perfect time to make this set of Memory Cards. He loves playing Memory with his sister, but sometimes I've wished the memory cards could be geared more toward what he needs to learn. Enter the Memory (or Concentration) game that can change to fit your needs!

Materials needed:
Wood or Chipboard shapes: There are a lot of options out there. I ended up purchasing wood rectangles at Hobby Lobby but I would have loved to have purchased some chipboard shapes from Etsy. I wanted a set of 20 cards so I had to purchase 5 packages.
Sandpaper: I used a 400 grit.
Paint: I used white craft acrylic paint but just about any paint will work!
Foam brush: One of the cheap $.25 brushes you can buy at any craft store or Walmart.
Paper of your choice: I chose the green chevron to keep it gender neutral. I bought the paper at Hobby Lobby.
Cutting tool: I used my Cricut but scissors or a paper cutter would work just as well.
Mod Podge: I used the Matte finish (yellow bottle).
Chalkboard Vinyl

Start out by sanding your wood shapes to get rid of any rough edges. If you use chipboard, the edges may also need to be lightly sanded. I generally hate sanding, but it only took 10 minutes. I can handle that.
After sanding, use a lightly damp rag to wipe off any dust left from sanding.

 I chose to paint my shapes but this isn't necessary. I actually tried to spray paint them, but as soon as I got my shapes laid out to spray, a relentless breeze came up and ruined that idea. I don't have a good spot to spray paint in an enclosed area, so I took my project back inside and finished painting with some white craft acrylic paint. This didn't take as long as I thought, and I got better coverage than the spray paint, so I think this would be my preferred method. A thin coat was all it needed and you don't even need to paint the middle since it will be covered anyway!

While the paint was drying, I used my Cricut to cut the paper to fit on the rectangles.  I use SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) to create all my cuts and even though I'd prefer to have a different cutting machine, the Cricut does the job for now! I also cut the chalkboard vinyl to the same size as the paper so both were ready to go.

After the paint is dry, you are ready to Mod Podge the paper onto one side of your shape. I put a light layer on the wood first, then placed the paper on top and gently rubbed the paper to create a good seal. After that dried, I did the top coat. Lightly brush the Mod Podge over the paper until all the paper and edges have a thin layer over them.  Yay, more drying time!

When the Mod Podge is dry, you are to the easy part. Peel the chalkboard vinyl (already cut) from the backing paper and place on the back of each rectangle. Don't forget to make sure each shape is nice and smooth so there are no bumps under the vinyl.
And that's it! You're done!

I recommend using the chalkboard markers on these so your drawings don't smudge during play. (I found mine at Hobby Lobby with their chalkboards and whiteboards, and they can be found online here. There are also many sellers that sell them individually on  Wiping all the cards clean before putting them away will ensure your chalkboard vinyl stays clean and dark. My kids are so excited to use these and especially love writing on the vinyl. These would also make a great gift along with some chalkboard markers and a little bag to keep them all in.

Need some ideas for what to put on the cards? How about shapes, numbers, Upper and Lowercase letters, number sentences, rhyming words, vocabulary words with definitions, states and capitals, multiplication problems, animals, etc! I'd love to hear your ideas, too!

I still have the dry erase vinyl and the black and white vinyl to use so more projects will be posted soon! Thanks for stopping by,


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  1. Love the idea of a changeable memory game that will last. Great job!!!


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