Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Lining things up, all in a row, makes me happy. Don't know why, but it does. Other things to be happy about today: being done with projects, lining them up, sunny days, and a clean house!

Oh, that's right, the house isn't clean yet. Ha! I was getting ahead of myself. But at least I can check these little cuties off my to-do list.

Have a great day!

Fabric Covered Button Hair Elastics

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Have you noticed how Valentine's Day brings out the creativity in people? There's something fun about making a perfect little gift for someone you love! It helps that the days have been a little brighter and we start feeling that Spring is just around the corner.

I whipped up a pair of these little hair ties for my six year old with some of my favorite fabric. I think polka dot fabric is about as cute as it comes, but this fabric's fun twist on a standard circle polka dot is oh so perfect for girly things!

 Want to make a set or two?

Cute fabric with a small print
Thin white cotton fabric (just a scrap will do!)
Button cover kit (or refills if you already have the kit)
Two hair elastics
String or ribbon (4 or five inches will be enough)
Pencil or Marker

STEP 1: My button cover kit came with a neat little template that looks like a plastic washer. It works great for lining up the pattern just where you'd like it. If your kit didn't come with a template, you could easily make your own out of cardstock. (For a 7/8 of an inch button kit, the template measures 1.75 inches in diameter with the inner circle measuring 7/8 of an inch.)

STEP 2: Trace around the outside of the template, lining up fabric inside the template just how you like it! I chose to center it around the four hearts.

STEP 3: Cut out your fabric, one for each button. I wanted them to be exactly the same so I made sure the pattern lined up just right. The metal buttons tend to shine through thin fabric, so I also cut a smaller circle to put underneath my heart fabric as a lining.

STEP 4: Make a button sandwich using the white plastic base, the patterned fabric, the thin white cotton fabric, and then the button front, tucking the fabric into the white mold.

STEP 5: Place the 'button back' on top of your sandwich and use the blue pusher to snap the button back into place. If your fabric is kind of thick, you may need to use a small hammer to pop the button back in tightly.

STEP 6 and 7: Use your piece of string or ribbon, to pull the hair elastic through the button shank. This makes quick work of getting the thick hair elastic through the small shank!

STEP 8: Pull the hair elastic half way through then loop it through itself. All you have to do now is pull the elastic tight and repeat the process for the other button. So easy!

I love doing my little sweetie's hair in pigtails, so these are a perfect, easy accessory for her and a great way for me to use up my tiniest scraps of fabric. They will also make great gifts for her friends this Valentine's Day.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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