Gone Floral

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Most of the time, I don't really like large floral prints. I love a small floral print, but as soon as a floral print becomes actual size or larger, I steer clear of it.

BUT, a while back (okay, maybe a year or more) I was looking for some fabric to match some I already had but didn't want to use without coordinating it with another print. I found Moda's Marmalade floral fabric and didn't hate it. I won't say that I loved it, or even really liked it, but it matched the fabric I already had.

Well, both fabrics sat on my shelf, constantly reminding me that I did, at one time, have big plans for them. And the longer they sat on the shelf, the more I found myself actually liking the floral. Now, I completely understand the ramifications that come with admitting that I do like a floral fabric. So to those who grew up with me, and may call me out on it, I know. I don't like florals. But I like this one.

Now, the fabric has become a skirt. And I love it. I wish I had a little girl who did too, because wouldn't this be adorable with a little denim jacket and some gold sandals? Um, yeah, it would.

It's a basic skirt, made from just one long strip of fabric with a hem on the bottom and an elastic casing on the top. I like to put a bow or button in the middle for fun. It helps kids know which side is the front, and when they line up the bow, straight below their belly button, it's on just right!

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