Make Your Own Piano Runner (or Table Runner, or Nightstand Runner...)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
When I first got married, I somehow managed to talk my husband into buying me a piano. Okay, honestly, I don't remember having to plead my case or anything and I don't even remember asking for a piano. Pretty nice when you get something you don't even ask for, right!?

Well, I do play the piano and have had many opportunities throughout my life that have made practicing essential. (Please don't ask anyone that may have heard my pathetic rendition of 'Ring Out, Wild Bells' in the winter of 1999 about my practicing skills. Yeah,..that was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that I'd really like to forget.)

Anyway, I have a piano that I love, and for years, I've been needing to protect the top of the piano. I FINALLY found some fabric that I like well enough to see it everyday, so I whipped up this super easy fabric piano runner.

It's a really simple project that has added a nice touch in the room. I found the fabric at JoAnn's and really like how it is a bold pattern without being too 'loud.'


First, collect your material. You'll need enough fabric to cover the length of your piano (or table, or whatever you are covering). I chose to make the runner the same fabric on both sides just in case I ever need to flip it over, so I also needed double the width of the top of the piano. The top of my piano measures 10.75 wide inches by 56.75 inches long. I wanted my runner to be slightly smaller than the top of the piano, so I went ahead and cut two rectangles to the exact measurement of the top of the piano.

With right sides of the fabric together, I sewed the two rectangles together using a .5 inch seam allowance, leaving a 5 inch opening for turning. I clipped the corners before turning, then turned the runner right side out. Press well so the runner edges are crisp.

I chose not to topstitch because I like the way it looks without any stitching on the top. To close the remaining hole, you could handstitch, using fusible webbing, or a few dots of fabric glue. But there's a pretty good chance that I was so excited to put my runner on the piano that I didn't sew mine closed at all.

Shh, don't tell. :)

I'm really happy with the way the runner turned out. The great thing is that it was super easy, so when I get tired of this fabric, I can make another one really quick! And if you don't have a piano that needs a runner, make one for your kitchen table, end tables, hall tables, well, you get the idea!

I hope you'll give it a try!

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